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         Comet Stone   

The Comet Stone, so named because it stands alone on a thin strip of land bordered by the salt-water Stenness Loch and the fresh water Harray Loch, Orkney Island, Scotland. It stands just south of the ring of Brodgar, or “Temple of the Sun” and a short distance north of the Stenness Stones, or “Temple of the Moon.” The Ring of Brodgar stands amid several Neolithic Cairns. On a hill, near the Ring of Brodgar’s southern most point, stands the lone Comet Stone.

 Comet Stone represents archaeoastronomy, the “Anthropology of Astronomy” and the archaeological connection of heavenly bodies to the ancient cultures.

A number of megaliths, such as this particular standing stone in Scotland, remain a testament to a giant celestial calendar of cosmic events and to our human ancestors, who clearly understood the stars and the heavens thousands of years before us.



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