“Regarding Colour”


Colour like music has rhythm, harmony and balance. Like our ears, which hear only a portion of the sounds in the entire spectrum, our eyes see only a fraction of the intense colours alive in our world.  An entire orchestra of pure, vibrant colour surrounds us, pulsating with such intensity, that it reaches beyond our limited ability to see and comprehend.

          We can only imagine this vision of colour, this absolute, pure, vibrant colour, so alive, so radiant and so intense. Colours that live just beyond our grasp. We live in a world of reds, blues, and yellows, with illusions of black and white. As I look about me, I see greens and browns, grays and blues, yellows and tans. How brilliant the red and purple flowers stand out from the mundane world they are trapped in.

          I feel as if I shall explode if I do not taste the pure brilliance of colour with my eyes.  We are so limited in our gray tones when there is so much more waiting just beyond the tips of our fingers. How I ache to reach out and touch it. To open my soul and bathe my entire being in that glorious liquid light of colour till I become colour in its purest form.

             ~Sharon Talley~  



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